Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns are useful cosmetic restorations needed by patients in Fredericksburg, VA for various reasons. Dr. Marshall restores the smiles of patients either with the use of dental crowns or a different dental treatment.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are caps that come in the shape of a natural tooth. These caps are placed over teeth to restore their size and shape, enhancing their appearance. Moreover, they are placed to strengthen teeth and provide appropriate support for a weak tooth. When cemented into place, dental caps fully cover the entire visible part of the tooth, which is what lies above the gum line.

Dental Crowns in Fredericksburg, VA

Dental Crowns Patient Before & After

Why is a dental crown needed?

Crowns are especially needed to address various dental conditions. For one, they are designed to protect a weak tooth from decay or from breaking apart, especially when the tooth is cracked. A broken tooth or one that is severely worn down can also be restored through dental caps. Aside from these, crowns are placed to cover discolored or badly-shaped teeth as well as hold a dental bridge in position.

What are in-office crowns in Fredericksburg, VA?

While traditional dental caps are placed after several appointments, crowns are still customized in the laboratory; the placement of dental crowns can be done in one day. Also known as in-office crowns, these dental appliances are made on the spot by a machine with computer-guided drills. The exact replica of the patient’s teeth is obtained through three-dimensional imaging and based on images of the tooth structure captured by a thin camera. This technology uses the E4D dentist system to create an optical impression of dental preparations and fabricate crowns in just a single visit.

What are the advantages and limitations of in-office crowns?

Same-day crowns have grown more popular in Fredericksburg since the technology eliminates the long process of waiting for the laboratory to fabricate the crown, as well as to get rid of the need for a temporary crown. Most patients have busy schedules and prefer to avoid any need for a follow-up visit to the dentist.

However, Dr. Marshall believes that not everyone can benefit from same-day crowns. Tooth color matching is still done best by a laboratory dental technician while those who need more than three crowns can still benefit from traditional crown fabrication.

How long do crowns last?

Usually, dental caps can last 5 to 15 years. The duration depends on the extent of wear and tear that the crown is exposed to as well as one’s dental hygiene practices and mouth-related habits.