Living Comfortably With Dentures

denturesAdjusting to life with dentures can be a challenge. You may find it difficult to speak normally or chew in a comfortable fashion. You may also experience dry mouth or bad breath, which can be troublesome. If you’re new to dentures, you know it’s an adjustment, but one that is well worth it. Dentures not only help with your smile; they also play an important part in maintaining your quality of life. To make sure life with dentures is an enjoyable one, consider the following tips.

Clean Your Dentures Routinely
Dentures are just like your regular teeth, and they need to be brushed on a daily basis. As with your natural teeth, dentures can develop tartar and bacteria that needs to be cleaned away. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and scrub them gently, taking care to thoroughly clean the areas where dental adhesive is applied.

Soak Dentures Daily
Brushing alone is not enough to make sure your dentures are properly clean. It’s also important to soak them in a denture cleanser to wash away any food, plaque or bacteria that brushing may have missed. What’s more, socking your dentures will help to combat bad breath. Just remember to rinse them thoroughly before you putting your dentures back in for the day.

Give Your Mouth a Rest
Wearing dentures for a long period of time can cause soreness and irritation, so it’s a good idea to go denture-free for at least six hours each day. The best time for this, of course, is during bedtime. Store your dentures in warm water or a denture solution when not in use. Not only will you be giving your mouth a much-needed break, you’ll be helping your dentures maintain their shape and prevent them from drying out.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly
The fit of your dentures plays a vital role in your oral health, so it’s important to visit your dentist twice a year to make sure your dentures are fitting properly. This is also a good time for your dentist to assess your gums for any infections and treat them accordingly.

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Can Dentures Help Me?

Tooth loss can seriously affect your health and self-esteem in many ways. From making it difficult to eat food, to looking like a redneck, missing teeth impact your life drastically. In addition, the process can be very painful.

Tooth loss is mostly caused by infections in the teeth. These infections cause decay, sometimes to the point of nodentures return. The second most common reason for missing teeth is age. As you get older, your teeth are more likely to decay, and the bond between your teeth and your gums weakens. There is a reason there is a stereotype of old people wearing dentures and taking out their teeth; it’s a common problem. Trauma to the face or mouth can also dislodge teeth and cause the need to have missing teeth replaced.

There are a number of temporary and permanent options for people who are missing teeth. If you are missing only one or two teeth, an implant is probably the best option. However, if the majority of your teeth are missing—or even all of them—wearing dentures is most likely the most effective treatment available.

At Marshall Dental, we provide you with dentures of the highest quality. This is done through an easy, but intricate process. During your first visit, your mouth will be examined. The molding and measurements that will be taken during the examination help the dentist create the perfect dentures for your mouth. During your second and last visit, the dentist will fit the dentures into your mouth, providing you with new teeth. You will leave the office smiling and ready to take on the world. Not only will you look better, you will feel better physically.

Tooth loss can negatively affect your self-confidence and make you shy. So don’t walk around looking like a hill-billy who doesn’t know how to properly take care of themselves. Get your missing teeth replaced! Talk to your dentist about getting new dentures. Take the first steps in looking better and being able to eat and speak properly again. You will not regret it.

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